Nee Po Mone Dinesha becomes a song!

Now who can forget that line? ‘Nee po mone dinesha’ became the most popular line taken from the super hit Malayalam movie Narasimham which came out almost a decade and a half ago. And that by itself is saying a lot, because that movie and many others of Mohanlal’s are choke full of punch dialogues and just plain cool one liners.


Lalettan does have a tendency to give a certain signature ‘charisma factor’ to everything he says, mostly with his effortless acting style.

The makers of Peruchazhi, Mohanlal’s current project, seem to have figured out how to utilize this memorable pop culture symbol and take it to the next level. Yes folks, we have are soon to hear an entire song based on the line ‘Nee po mone dinesha..’.

Poonam Bajwa, who acted in the song, has uploaded some pics of it and they have been exceptionally well received by the fans with possible ‘viral ‘ status on its way soon.

Will the song be as much of a hit as the original line? That’s the question now, isn’t it..

Guess we’ll have to wait and see, although for Mohanlal fans this could be a gold mine, and an anthem of sorts in the making.

Very clever of the Peruchazhi team to spot that potential, to give credit where its due.

Now Peruchazhi has set yet another benchmark in its production stage. It is the first Malayalam film to be shot in the famous Universal Studios in Hollywood!

The film already holds the record for the longest shoot abroad, with a US schedule that has lasted around a month so far. Reportedly, over Rs 4.5 crores have been spent there for filming.

The flick is being directed by Arun Vaidyanathan and it is being produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas under the banner of Friday Film House.

The rest of the cast of the movie includes Mukesh, Aju Varghese and Baburaj among others. It is to be an all out comedy entertainer, and this one the fans are dying to see..

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