NBK Calls Himself Real Life Dictator

Nandamuri Simham Balakrishna was in full flow in his recent interview given on the eve of New Year. He calls himself real life ‘Dictator.’

NBK Real Dictator
NBK Real Dictator

Balayya said, ‘My directors etch stories and fix titles after seeing my real life character. Many of my titles are powerful as they suit my personality. I am like a dictator in real life too, a quality that i inherited from my father Sr NTR. He is a dictator himself’.

‘Frankly, I never cared for piracy as my films never face it. Audiences feel that Balayya films must be watched in theaters only. Small screens and pirated versions don’t live up to my stamina and fans’ expectations.Our films started the trend of Hungama in multiplexes also’, added proud Balayya.

Get Ready to watch the real Dictator on screens on 13th of this month.

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