Nazriya to Quit Acting?

The young starlet had made it clear once her engagement to actor Fahad Fazil started making media and pop culture headlines across the state that she would continue acting since her fiancé was comfortable with this decision. This pacified some of the controversy regarding the engagement since the actress had just started making waves in the Mollywood industry, along with offers from others in the south.

nazriya nazim

Now it seems there are rumours out there that Nazriya may indeed quit acting, at least for a while, as she may be turning down roles and returning the advances to projects she already had committed to. This floating rumour gathers strength now that it was made known that Parthiban who is directing the Tamil movie ‘Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam’ starring Nazriya, might cut her role out completely because the actress is showing sincere doubts as to whether to do the role or not.

If true, that might mean that the pattern of Mollywood actresses who marry young to fellow actors end up leaving the industry albeit maybe to resurface years later.

One really has to hope that this is not the case with Nazriya.

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