Nayanthara’s Logic for Not Promoting Films

Even though Nayanthara is the most in demand Southern actress at this point, she is also notorious for not promoting her films.

Nayan not only charges more than a whopping Rs 2 Cr for each movie, but she also puts conditions to producers that she will sign the films only if she is allowed to skip the audio launch and movie promotional events. Filmmakers reluctantly agree to her conditions as she is a capable actress and has been delivering hits in a row.

Nayanthara Photos in Babu Bangaram
Nayanthara Photos in Babu Bangaram

Nayanthara seems to have a reason behind not promoting her films. She believes that her highly promoted films have not worked, but low-key releases worked big time. Producers also don’t force her after she quotes this reason as they are happy as long as the film becomes a hit. Nayan also is happy as she can skip strenuous promotional events.

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