Nayanthara’s Lip-Kiss with School Kid Turns Controversy

The recently released Jiiva starrer Tamil film ‘Thirunaal’ not only gave South India’s Lady Superstar Nayanthara her first flop in three years, but also dragged her in an unnecessary controversy.

Nayanthara Lip Lock With School Kid
Nayanthara Lip Lock With School Kid

Nayan was not bothered much about the film’s disappointing box-office result, but the murky controversy over a scene in the movie is irking her for sure. In one of the scenes in Thirunaal, Nayan is seen offering gifts to several school kids. She asks them to kiss her on her cheek in return. Unlike other kids, a naughty kid goes ahead to kiss Nayan on her lips, shocking her.

Even though the scene doesn’t look vulgar, several child and women’s rights activists are demanding the filmmakers to delete the scene claiming it will corrupt the minds of children. The protesters breathed fire on the film’s director for shooting such scene and lambasted Nayanthara for giving her consent to shoot the controversial lip-lock scene.

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