Nayanthara- Fashion Journey In Movies!

Nayan, the most sought after actress in South has come a long way with her looks, talent and performances. Nayanthara, who first started off like a plain Jane, suddenly stormed the screen with sexy appeal and oomph, ran around the trees like any other actress in short skirts till she totally metamorphosed into a complete actress who can walk away with a National Award for her performance!
We take a look at the fashion journey of this lady in pictures, who had to fight against controversies, weight gain, stereotyping and criticism to stand where she is today.


Nayan ayya

Yes! Believe it or not, that’s young Nayanthara, still starting off in the tinsel town. With simple looks of that of a typical South Indian girl, Nayan could not make things work with bagging projects.


Nayan Chandramukhi

Nayan was later cast opposite none other than superstar Rajinikanth in Chandramukhi. Though her role was nothing before that of Jyothika’s in the film, Nayan caught the attention of the audience with her acting skills in a limited space.


nayan ghajini

The simple girl suddenly took to another extreme with the film Ghajini, where she played the second lead opposite Suriya. Nayan looked bolder, fatter and wore more revealing outfits than ever before for a song sequence in the film.


nayan lakshmi

The fire spread on screen as Nayanthara completely took to glamorous side, wearing sexy outfits with revealing mid riffs and thigs. She also altered her thick eyebrows and rough hair, shifting to a more urbane look. Her role in Lakshmi opposite Venkatesh saw her wearing chiffon sarees, making her look graceful and appealing. This was the time when Nayan’s presence was expanding slowly in Tollywood. Her weight issues were overlooked with her stunning appeal.


nayan vallavan

Perhaps the steamy best of Nayan, Vallavan opposite Simbhu not only marked her foray as a sex symbol of the South, but the fiery off screen affair with Simbhu lasted for a long, long time. The couple went blatant, clicking selfies kissing each other, locking lips on screen and seducing it all, making the audience go really crazy. Most thought this will end up in a marriage and Nayan will quit the industry. The affair was a surreal tale for the movie lovers.

Don Seenu

nayan don seenu

Nayanthara upped her bar by starring opposite Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja in this action entertainer. She brought in the trend of halter neck blouses with sarees that revealed her gorgeous back, making the men swoon. Don Seenu went on to become a commercial hit, making Nayan the most wanted in Tollywood.


nayan billa

Whoever saw Nayan walking in a two piece bikini in Tamil film Billa was sure that the lady was determined to bare it all – if need be. Nayan shed her inhibitions as she posed in her yet to be toned body looking hot and smoky.


nayan aadhavan

This film officially marked the entry of a brand new Nayanthara – she lost lots of weights and looked fit and fab in the movie, surprising the audience. This was the personal time of turmoil for the actress, whose relationship with Simnhu was on rocks, literally. Talk about break ups enhancing personalities. Nayan starred opposite Suriya once again after Ghajini, in a less wide frame.


nayan adurs

Adurs made Nayan a rage with the youth. Her toned down bod sporting Telugu style half sarees like a traditional girl made the young men go ga – ga over her. Nayan also was on a blobkbuster spree, with back to back hits in Tamil and Telugu.

Boss EngiraBhaskaran

nayan boss

This was the first time Arya and Nayan were paired together – they rocked as the on screen pair. Nayan switched to a subtler version of herself, wearing dainty outfits like Salwar Kameez worn by a girl next door.

Sri Rama Rajyam

nayan in SRR

This film marks the milestone in Nayan’s career – she shocked and silenced practically the entire South India playing the role of Sita in this Bapu’s mythology. Nayanthara not only dazzled as Sita, but she gave some thundering performance, shutting many mouths that protested against the choice made. What more, Nayan also nailed her critics to rest by walking away with a National Award for her role!

Raja Rani

nayan in raja rani

Nayan completely turned a new leaf, ranking on the top list actresses. She blossomed into a complete woman, wearing those beautiful sarees and ethnics, retaining her glam power. Raja Rani showcased some finest fashion from the actress, who looked super appealing by all means.
Nayan is now all set to blow the screen with ShekharKammula’sAnamika. Who can tell, she may set another style trend with this one.
One heck of an impeccable actress who has what it takes to evolve and improve;Nayanthara is yet to showcase some more of her best ahead!

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