Nayantara slapped Udayanidhi Stalin – Hero got hospitalized!!


Hot heroines Nayantara slapped Kollywood hero Udayanidhi Stalin on the sets of “Nanbenda”. It seems that Stalin fell flat on ground and got hospitalized. There turned out to be a sensational news all over Kollywood. Interestingly a rumor that Stalin proposed Nayantara and she slapped him hard shook Kollywood for a while.

Stalin who got recovered revealed the real reason behind this aspect. He stated that Nayantara slapped him as a part of a scene in the film. It seems that Nayantara needs to slap the villain in this scene but she got confused and gave that slap to the hero. As her hand touched his eyes, nails of Nayantara ruptured the eyelids and the eye ball of Stalin. This made him hospitalized.

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Now, he is fine and the shooting is continuing with the hero and the heroine. Sometimes very small mistakes creates huge loss. This aspect is an example to this statement. Due to the hospitalization of Stalin, film unit lost a day shooting.

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