Nayantara-Simbu Bedroom Photos Leaked!


Nayantara and Simbu enjoyed good time few years back. They were considered as the hottest South Indian pair 5 years back. Unfortunately, few things happened and the pair went for break up. Before break up, few images of Simbu – Nayantara came on to the internet.

These includes lip lock scenes and hugging episodes. Few stated that this leakage of images turned out to be the reason for the break up. Now, similar images are out into the media once again. These images got leaked into the social media sites and it has Nayantara and Simbu in bedroom scenes.

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Speaking on this, Nayantara explained that these images are not real. She stated that they are part of her upcoming Kollywood venture. She further stated that she is not in a mood to go for a relationship with Simbu. Fans, who got excited seeing the bedroom photos felt depressed with the statement of Nayantara.

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