Nayantara encountered shock on Christmas in Chennai Airport!

Nayanatara Luggage Airport

Nayantara, who is enjoying good phase of her career, likes to spend time with her family in her hometown. In case of festival season, Nayantara cannot stop herself from going home. For Christmas, Nayantara is stated to have fixed her mind to celebrate in a big way.

It seems that she bought lots of gifts for her family members and she reached Chennai Airport to go to Kochi by flight. It seems that she has got 5 big luggage bags and this made the Chennai Airport officials to block her luggage.

Interestingly, Nayantara came to the Airport, half an hour before the journey and hence the officials mentioned that it is tough for them to check the luggage and send her into the flight. They further didn’t allow her to take the luggage in spite of repeated requests. Finally, she left her luggage in Chennai and went to her hometown!

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