Nayaki Trailer Talk: Trisha’s Naya avatar stuns audience

One really doesn’t have to know about the story of a film to know what genre it is. All it takes is one poster or trailer which would convey most of the feel. Nowadays, the most happening trend is the horror comedy because its making cost is low budget and the entertainment quotient has been high.

Trisha Nayaki Teaser
Trisha Nayaki Teaser

This has also lured the top league heroines to take up such projects. But then, usually, horror movies mean scary posters and trailer come with horror sounds and faces. The film is gaining attention because it has the talented beauty Trisha doing a horror flick.

She is shown in a beautiful way and in a subtle manner they are conveying it is a horror movie as she holds a knife smeared with blood. In the trailer, Trisha was seen in a scary avatar holding a knife, and it consists of many scary scenes. Trisha’s new avatar in a scary look has stunned everyone. However, as per our reliable sources, there will be a shock for the audience in the theaters which is not being revealed or promoted. This shock will hook the viewers and leave them with a huge hangover.

The film also stars Satyam Rajesh, Kovai Sarala in key roles. Directed by Giridhar Mamidipally, who was the former manager of Trisha under Giridhar Production House and cinematography by Jagadeesh. Music composed by Raghukunche and backgroud score by sai karthik.

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