Navya Nair makes a comeback!


Navya Nair was one of Mollywood’s favourite starlets until she retired from the field or rather semi retired following her wedding. The actress’s last appearance onscreen was in 2012’s Malayalm movie Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu.

Motherhood has kept her very busy, as it does, and the actress admits with joy that her son remains the most important aspect of her life. But that does not mean she will shy away from good opportunities if they come her way. “I’m willing to make sacrifices to balance both family and work in that respect,” says Navya.


Tomorrow her first movie after two years, Drishya, the Kannada remake of the Malayalam mega hit Drishyam comes out, and the actress can barely contain her excitement.

She posted this today on her Facebook page:

Dear frnds…My latest kannada movie drishya releasing tomorrow…I am very excited to work in ths movie bcz its the remake of malayalam movie drishyam whch is the biggest hit in the history of mollywood….Expecting all ur support and blessings as always. ….love u all.

In the Kannada version, she plays the role originally essayed by Meena, and she stars opposite Crazy Star Ravichandran.

Navya says she loved the original and it influenced her decision to do the remake but also confesses that a few changes have been made to make the story a bit more engaging to the audiences. Apparently, she and the others involved found the original a bit lagging in certain places!

Tread carefully is all one can say, will any good come out of messing with a proven formula? One will have to wait for tomorrow to see.

Interestingly, as it might have occurred to those who saw the original, Navya plays the mother of an adolescent girl in this one. Wonder how they pulled that one off!

Anyway, we wish all the best to Navya and the Drishya makers… and remember folks, who knows, Meena did win a state award for her performance in the flick and Navya too has proven her skills as an actor – will awards come calling this time too?

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