Naveena’s hot statements on RGV

“Ice Cream 2” heroine Naveena gave hot statements that Ram Gopal Varma didn’t exploit her. There is rumor in the film industry that RGV uses his heroines to the maximum extent. Responding on this, Naveena stated that she was not at all exploited by RGV.


Fans commented that RGV used her to make “Ice Cream 2” look utmost glamorous but he didn’t exploit her. Ram Gopal Varma got struck in series of controversial in the recent times. Almost all his Tweets raised controversies in Twitter. Cases too were filed on this film maker.

Hence, he might have decided to keep himself away from controversies as of now and to continue the chain, he might have triggered Naveena to push up the publicity of “Ice Cream 2”. These hot statements of Naveena might raise the publicity to “Ice Cream 2”.

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