Navdeep Refused To Give Blood Samples?

Sensational drug case surrounding Tollywood has completed its fourth accused from the Telugu Film Industry. Navdeep was interrogated almost all the day by SIT Officials on Monday.

Navdeep Refused To Give Blood Samples
Navdeep Refused To Give Blood Samples

After getting roasted for 11 hours, Navdeep finally came out of the building and interacted with the media which is waiting outside. Navdeep claimed that he has completely cooperated with the SIT and he even revealed all the information he knows about the drugs. He said that he is innocent and left to home without talking further. Inside reports confirm that Navdeep has refused to give blood samples when SIT asked him to give. It’s a known thing that Puri and others gave blood samples earlier.

Meanwhile, another accused Charmi has moved High Court to have an attorney to refuse giving blood samples. We should wait and see what more SIT can uncover from all the accused celebrities of Tollywood.

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