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Nava Vasantham is a decent and youthful entertainer. Tarun, who badly awaits a break, can have a breather with this film. Absolutely free from vulgarity and violence, the movie is a big relief to the family crowds.



Prasad (Akash), Raja (Rohit) and Vijay (Sunil) cherish varied ambitions in their lives… to become a civil servant,

a singer, and a mimicry artist respectively. However, they do not find any encouragement from their parents. So, to realize their dreams, they move from their remote village to Hyderabad. A friend of them in the village, Ganesh (Tarun) too arrives in the city. He wants to marry the daughter (Priyamani) of his uncle (Ahuti Prasad). When his uncle in rags, it was the mother (Sudha) of Ganesh, who would help him financially and morally.  

But, the greedy uncle turns the villain and wants keep Ganesh away. But, Ganesh decides to get rich and win the lady of his heart. All the four meet and they reside in one flat. Ganesh helps his three friends achieve their goals. Whether Ganesh achieve his goal? Watch the movie for answer!

Artistes Performance

Tarun, for whom Nava Vasantham is like a third coming, performed neatly. Definitely, his workmanship will pay him in the coming days in the career. Sunil, Akash and Rohit – representing the youthful generation with a lot of hopes, played well in their molds, convincing one and all.

Heroine Priyamani is adequate. She gives a feel that she is not the right casting opposite Tarun. Ahuti Prasad did the role of Priyamani’s father. Kota Srinivasa Rao appears in a few scenes as rent collector, displaying his own peculiar style of performance. Ankita did the role of Akash’s female interest.

Technical Details

The original of this Telugu version is Tamil film Punnagai Desam. The story is good, but for Telugu audiences  the punch is not sufficient. As the audiences watch the film

they feel like recalling the sacrifice of hero Venkatesh in Raja. The strong sentiment of Love in Raja turns into Friendship and also Love here in this film. Screenplay turns awry in the climax. The narration tests the patience of the audiences in certain scenes. Direction by Shajahan is convincing, but not without flaws.

SA Rajkumar’s music is not in tune with the mood of the film. The songs have turned into blocking points, thereby hitting the smooth flow of the “already slow” narration. Lack of comedy is a big minus point. It is only Sunil who comes out with some iota of lighter vein entertainment. Cinematography is good. Production values of Megasuper Good Films are commendable.


The film is opened to a decent talk. Thanks to its strengths in luring the family crowds, its success range will be known clearly in the coming days.

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