Natakam Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie NameNatakam
Movie Rating2/5
Movie Cast Ashish Gandhi,Ashima Narwal
DirectorKalyanji Gogana
Music DirectorSai Kartheek
Production CompanySri Sai Deep Chatla
Release DateSeptember 28, 2018

Natakam is one film that created a unique interest with the trailer. Ashish Gandhi who impressed as a villain in the film Pataas made his debut as a hero with the film. Ashima is the heroine. Kalyan G Gogana is the director of the movie. The film created a ripple in the industry for its bold content and lip lock sequences. Check out the review of the film here.


Natakam Movie Talk
Natakam Movie Talk

Koti (Ashish Gandhi) is good for nothing fellow in his village who always roams around like a drunkard. His family wants him to settle down by marrying someone but he is least bothered about the things. On the other side, he falls for Parvathi (Ashima) in the first sight itself. Their love affair is interlinked with a chain snatching group in the village who was in lookout by the cops. What is the link between the two? What happens to their love story? How did it end? Forms the story of the film.


Ashish Gandhi, the villain turned hero tried his best to bring out the performer in him. The actor has been impressive in many ways. He has portrayed a mass look and performed his best. Ashima is the glam doll of the film which is the plus point for the movie. She is sure to grab more such roles in the coming days. Her expressions could have been better. The actor who played a cop in the film is okay. All the other actors did their best for the film.

Technical Department:

The performances are decent from the lead actors. The writing is impressive as well. The dialogues are good and were apt for the village backdrop. The production values of Rizwan Entertainment and the producers Sri Sai deep Chatla, Radhika srinivas, Praveen are grand. They were adequate and the makers did not compromise anywhere in the quality. The music scored by Sai Kartheek is good as well. His background score also impressed one and all. The cinematography by Garuda Vega Anji is good. Manikanth’s editing could be better.


The film started off with an interesting episode which creates further interest in the film. The movie takes time in picking up the pace but the twist that comes in the first half completely changes the flow of the movie and kick starts an interesting note. The first half is better when compared with the second half of the film. The makers showcased village in an interesting manner. The interval point is exciting and sets the flow straight for the second half of the movie. The film deals a lot with the chain snatchers and there are two layers for the story. The love angle between the lead pair was showcased nicely in the film. The songs in the second half disturb the flow of the film. The pre-climax and climax episodes are filled with a lot of twists which gives the film a new face and it completely messes up the screenplay too. On the whole, except for the love track, there is nothing great about the film and can be skipped.

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