Nasha Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

There is a thin line between a movie turning out to be ‘Adult movie’ and a ‘just a B-grade’ flick. Thanks to the execution, the director made sure it falls more into the former category and less into the latter.

The plot of Nasha is very clichéd, which we have been seeing through ages- An 18-year boy bowled by a 25-year old woman, which starts from infatuation and ends up in obsession. The boy has a girlfriend, who is unhappy with his behavior. The woman also has a boyfriend, who doesn’t like her intimacy with this boy. Again, a clichéd scenario. The movie unsurprisingly has the art teacher wearing the skimpiest outfits possible. But, here ends the usual part which we have seen umpteen times in the movies with such theme.  Despite such expected things and cinematic liberties, what makes Nasha stand apart from the movies of the same family, is the emotional angle involved.  The director has tackled it well, and not for the heck of it. Typically the formula is to show some 5-10 erotic scenes on the audience, and throw a message at the end just for the sake of it. Nasha doesn’t do that, as the emotional track is taken care, very well. (The climax is well-predictable though)

The first-half of the movie doesn’t have much to say, as the actual story takes into form only in the second half. It is prolonged with songs not needed. However, post-interval, it picks up but again gets into many dragged sequences. The pre-climax portions seemed too lengthy. 

Shivam enacts the role with lot of ease. Poonam, however has a long way to go to get some varied expressions.. The friends’ gang does a good job and reminds me of some ‘Rockford’ jokes. Ranbir was good as the boyfriend.  The actors who played the roles of the father and the uncle of Sahil were good too.The thought of having the Dad and ‘Chachu’ as the family, seems to be inspired from the ‘Two and Half Men’ series.

To sum it up, Nasha is a relatively well-made movie when compared to the movies made on the same theme. But the clichéd plot and the sluggish pace hampers the overall output.

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