Naruda Donaruda Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Sumanth is back with his new film Naruda Donoruda after a streak of failures. This time, he appears to be confident with the product. Naruda Donoruda is the official remake of Bollywood hit film Vicky Donor starring Ayushman Khurana and Yami Gautham. The Telugu version has Sumanth and Pallavi Subash in the leads. Mallik Ram is the new comer who made his directional debut with the film. Sumanth turned producer for this film. The theatrical trailer has already set some good expectations on the film and do check out what we have to say about this new movie in town.


Sumanth in Naruda Donoruda
Sumanth in Naruda Donoruda

Dr. Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharanai), an infertility specialist looking for a sperm donor finds out Vicky (Sumanth) as a right person. Dr. Anjaneyulu comes to a conclusion that Vicky is helpful after performing test on Vicky’s sperm sample. Dr. Anjaneyulu finally convinces Vicky to turn sperm donor and offers him attractive money. After a while, Vicky gets married to his love interest Aashima Roy (Pallavi Subash). Later Aashima Roy learns that Sumanth is a sperm donor and reacts violently by parting ways with him. How Sumanth convinces and reunites with Aashima Roy is the complete story of the film Naruda Donoruda.

Cast and Performance:

Sumanth is good as Vicky but at times he goes over board with performance and bags dislikes. Pallavi Subash is bad. She neither looks glamorous nor impresses with the performance. Both the lead actors fail to share a good on screen chemistry and all the love scenes that come between them appear to be boring. Tanikella Bharani is wonderful and amazing in the film. He is the only person who entertains us in every scene. Suman Shetty is good in his role. Senior actress Sri Lakshmi played a good role as Sumanth’s mother. All the other actors are good in the given roles.

Writing Department:

There is not much story elements in the film to discuss but the plot line and original idea was fantastic. The screenplay designed by the makers consists some loop holes and ups and downs. The dialogues written by Kittu Vissapragada are too good and they don’t spill vulgarity. The care taken by Kittu in making the subject entertaining with his dialogues is appreciable. All the lyrics penned by the lyricists for the songs come in good situations and they convey the story in a good manner.

Technical Department:

Compositions by Sri Charan Pakala are good. But only a couple of songs are good to hum. The background score is nice. The camera work is fine. The Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is appreciable. Editing by Karthikeya Srinivas is a big minus. The cuts are improper. The pace of the film also goes up and down. Production values are grand.


  • Tanikella Bharani
  • Dialogues
  • Comedy


  • Screenplay
  • Nativity Issues
  • Heroine
  • Direction


The major problem with the film is that it suffers with the nativity issues. The makers concentrated more on adding entertainment quotient in the form of comedy but missed out to make major changes to the script. The film lacks proper execution and with that, the interest in watching the film completely gets driven away by the unnecessary scenes. The Telugu bengali track which comes in the second half fails to impress. Naruda Donoruda was put down by the performances too. Sumanth who usually delivers good performance failed with this film by presenting himself in an artificial manner. The heroine also disappoints.

With some good humour here and there, the film might work for some but it completely failed to live up to the expectations. The trailer is entertaining but not the film. The film runs with improper pace which is the result of improper execution. The first half of the film is good and entertaining but the second half is not worthy enough. On a final note, the film fails to reach out the original and even fails in leaving a positive impression.

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