Naresh fires on Shivaji Raja

It is already known that actor Naresh has been elected as the president of Movie Artist Association (MAA), about a month ago. He defeated Shivaji Raja to become the president. Later, Shivaji Raja made some insensitive comments on Naga Babu, who supported Naresh in the elections.

Naresh and Sivajiraja
Naresh and Sivajiraja

Naresh said, “Shivaji Raja has no right to make such comments on Naga Babu. Everyone who worked as the president of MAA, have done their bit for the welfare of the organization. Be it Shivaji Raja, Murali Mohan, Rajendra Prasad or Naga Babu. Ups and Downs are common in any term.”

“Shivaji Raja said that Naga Babu is physically challenged. I can assure that Naga Babu is physically alright and he even took part in the election campaign. Shivaji Raja also stated that Naga Babu is a miser. But it was Naga Babu who started giving out pensions when he was president. He also donated Rs. 6 lakhs to MAA when I contested as joint secretary,” he added. Naresh concluded by saying that Shivaji Raja should not make such harsh comments in the future.

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