Narendra Modi meets with actor Vijay

Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate representing the BJP party has been quite busy ever since he expressed his interest for the top position.


He has been on rounds giving TV interviews, public speeches and meeting famous personalities to make a strong impact in this election.

Along these lines NaMo met with the Andhra power star Pawan Kalyan which created quite a buzz in Andhra Pradesh, and especially among the actor’s fans.

Also, Narendra Modi visited super star Rajinikanth at his residence few days back and exchanged warm pleasantries with his family. The actor clearly stated that there was no hidden political agenda behind their meeting.

Next among actors is Illaya thalapathi Vijay. Narendra Modi and the mass hero called upon each other at Coimbatore. Vijay is a famous actor with a large fan base, which states that Narendra Modi has been calling his shots right for the elections.

It is said that Narendra Modi inquired about Vijay’s career and his well being.

To know who would probably Narendra Modi be meeting next, one has to wait and see.

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