Nanna Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is
A film of varying paces and moods.

Krishna (Vikram) is a mentally challenged adult who works in a chocolate factory in Ooty. The film starts with him being abandoned on the highway leading to Visakapatnam. With a little help from random characters on the streets he finds his way to the local district courts in search of Vennela.

Anuradha and her partner (played by Anushka and Santhanam) are young lawyers in hunt of cases for a living. This is where the stories of Krishna and Anuradha meet each other and the screenplay slowly pushes to Krishna’s past – his life in Ooty, the wife that died in child birth and his little precious daughter (Vennela).

Who is Krishna’s wife and how does that part of the plot bring the film to a court room drama in the second half?

What bores you?
‘Paced like a snail’ is the best one line verdict for the film’s first half. The screenplay takes your patience for granted as it moves boringly to establish the hill station life and the father daughter bond. If you are not in the mood for a film, the first half might make you leave.

What brings you back?
You are bored, half sunk into your chair and chewing on popcorn without much interest. Second half begins and it takes less than 5 minutes to set your spine straight and bring you back into the mood.
The pace of the film in the second half is almost like a different film as compared to the first. It is quick, humorous and gripping.

Though the role of mentally stunted adult is a cliché of sorts, you would never question the honesty of Vikram’s performance, not even in the dull first half.

With a bunch of other performances are to be taken note of, Santhanam with his natural timing stands out.

Here is a maker who is very clear in his head about the frames and cuts. You only wish he is that clear about the screenplay too.

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