Nani’s sensational tweet on Baahubali and Rajamouli

Natural star Nani who is and ardent fan and follower of the director Rajamouli. Like all the audiences, he has waited and saw the movie Baahubali today. He has expressed his feelings in one tweet.


With many expectations and buzz, the part two of Baahubali is now playing in theaters all over the world. Nani who got the opportunity to see the premieres has watched the movie and shared his experience on his Twitter. He tweeted that there is no such person ever born to talk low about Telugu Cinema as long as you are with us Rajamouli Mama. His expression is his Nani’s style of modulating the famous dialogue the movie Baahubali part-2. Nani’s tweet indirectly conveys thousands of applauds for Rajamouli’s efforts in making a wonder like Baahubali-2.

Nani was right as the film Baahubali-2 has bagged anonymous blockbuster talk from all the released regions. This movie will stand in the first place in the history of Indian Cinema.

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