Nani fires on his fans for the first time on Twitter. But why?

Young hero Nani has a good image among the audience & in the industry as well. Even though he has star image his simplicity, no show-off attitude makes him a special person. Similarly, Natural Star stays away from the controversies. When needed, he will not hesitate to take a class.

Nani fires on his fans
Nani fires on his fans

Nani has shocked many people with a single tweet recently. Nani’s reply to one of his long time fan is the reason for this. His fan tweeted him that ‘Kona has blocked me when I asked him about the publicity as a fan’. It is known that Kona Venkat is producing ‘Ninnu Kori’.. publicity has not started even though it’s just a week away from the fan got anxious and scolded Kona in Twitter. He revealed the same thing to Nani.

Nani gave a strong reply to him.. “You call yourself as my fan. Thank you.. but your tweets are about others. Either you have to change your language or change your twitter handle. Take Care”. His fan responded to Nani again.. apologized Nani for his tweet and gave a lengthy explanation. Some cinelovers opine that Nani shoudn’t have reacted in such a way. Whatever be the case.. hungama started in twitter with these tweets.

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