When Nani Almost Died..

It’s not always that superstars live a secure life. There are times when destiny plays its part too!

Actor Nani,whose career has been a roller-coaster ride so far,describes a one-off destiny-driven incident in his life.

In a recent interview, Nani was asked what motivated him to change his perspective on life, Nani described a near death experience which happened recently. “I was going on a long drive with my friends and all of a sudden, we met with an accident. After an ambulance came to our rescue, we saw another accident which left several innocent people injured and some of them had died on the spot. I saw the pain and agony which all of them were going through and at that moment, everything else seemed too small for me. We take a lot of things quite seriously in life, but truth is, we are just wasting out time and energy on them,” Nani revealed.


It certainly isn’t everyday when stars divulge details of such horrifying incidents in their life. And with Nani giving us a sneak peek into his take on life, we salute him for getting rid of his ‘superstar’ tag for sometime and giving people a sneek-peek into what exactly ‘reality’ means for those in the Tollywood Business.

Off late, Nani has been in news for his next flick with Samantha. However, Nani refused to comment on that.

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