Nandu gave explanation on the drugs mafia episode

Nandu Drugs Mafia

Geetha Madhuri’s husband, Nandu gave explanation on the drugs mafia episode. Sushanth Reddy, who was recently caught in the drugs mafia case in Hyderabad, raised several doubts in the media. Another film personality too was stated to be with Sushankh in this case.

Hence, few media segments doubted the persons who worked with Sushanth in the past. Nandu worked for one flick under Sushanth’s production and this raised the doubts in few media segments. The rumors took charge on the web space like a wild fire and it went till Nandu.

Speaking on this, Nandu mentioned that he was no where related to the case and he is innocent. He even offered to take medical tests. With this, things got settled and the hunt for the other celebrity who was with Sushanth continued.

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