Nandini Rai Out From Bigg Boss House

In the yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss TV show, Natural Star Nani announced that Kaushal and Babu Gogineni were in the protected zone. Deepthi Nallamothu, Ganesh and Nandini Rai were in the nominations zone now. There is a rumour on the social media that Nandini Rai was eliminated from the show.

Nandini Rai Out from Bigg Boss House
Nandini Rai Out from Bigg Boss House

Apparently, it is heard that a lot of leaks are happening regarding the eviction. Nandini Rai and Ganesh are said to be leaving the Bigg Boss house this week. Already, both of them are in the danger zone for the past two weeks.

As Nutan Naidu and Shyamala entered the house again, Nandini Rai and Ganesh will be evicted as part of the Double Dhamaka eviction.

On the other side, Chi La Sow and Goodachari teams entered the house in the current episode for promoting their movies.

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