Nana’s new love story

Nana Patekar is turning director yet again and this time he’s telling the story of a 24-year-old girl who falls in love with a 50-year-old rowdy.

"I have written a script and I would like to direct it any moment," said the 60-year-old who will return to direction for the film 20 years after his directorial debut ‘Prahaar: The Final Attack’.

The movie would be on the lines of the 1970s British film ‘Ryan’s Daughter’ by director David Lean, says Nana.

"It’s like ‘Ryan’s Daughter’. It’s a simple, subtle love story. Here, the girl is 24 years old and the guy is in his 50s. The guy is not saying he loves her. He is rude and rowdy, being an ex-armyman. Yet he expresses his love in his own way," said Nana.

Asked if he is acting in the film too, he said, "I would be playing the old man. I haven’t decided on the actress. Lets see who would like to work with me."

Ask what took him so long to write and direct again, and he says, "Unofficially, I write so many things when I am shooting a film. I don’t take credit for it. Until very recently, I improvised my part of the script. I always say to my directors to change some part or I will do this part this way. If they agree, then only I become part of their project otherwise not. So I am always into it," said Nana.(IANS)

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