NaMo fever grips Tollywood

With the Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, everybody right from your gully’s Chaiwala to the sitting MLA of your constituency is looking to cash in on the election fever.

Not to be left behind, mana Tollywood is the latest clan to join the bandwagon. With virtually all poll surveys predicting Narendra Modi as the potential Prime Minister of the country, Tollywood isn’t far behind in chanting the hymns of ‘NaMo NaMo !’.

Krishnam Raju initiated the procession when he joined Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in January early this year. He was followed by Jeevitha Rajshekhar who too joined in recently.

And now with the inception of ‘Jana Sena’, Pawan kalyan seems to be extending an olive branch towards Narendra Modi too. His recent meeting with the BJP honcho has sparked off strong rumours of a potential alliance between the two parties. Backing Modi, Pawan Kalyan had said that the Gujarat CM was the right man for the job.

Pawan Kalyan meets narendra modi

Akkineni Nagarjuna was the last Tollywood actor looking to hop on the NaMo bandwagon. The star is also likely to seek a Lok Sabha ticket for his wife Amla. For last few days, political and film circles were abuzz with speculations that the actress-turned-activist is keen to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Vijayawada.

nagarjuna meeting narendra modi

Specualtions are rife that Brahmanandam too is intending to join BJP and use his popularity to fulfill his political ambitions.

Rumour has it that Mohan Babu would be meeting Narendra Modi soon to discuss various political avenues.

With large number of Tollywood personalities chanting the NaMo mantra, it has to be seen how far this fever takes the country ahead!

The Lok Sabha polls are scheduled to be held in April and May and the results are to be announced on May 16.

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