Namitha Or Raasi? Who Has ‘BIG’?

Namitha or Raasi? Who has got big name in southern circuit?

That is the discussion between two small time actors and a small director of Tollywood in chitchat at Jubilee Club couple of days ago. Let us see how the discussion went among them:

“Raasi is called Mantra in Tamilnadu and she shook the hearts of many with her sex appeal in later nineties and early 2000s. Many have fallen flat for her and she was booked in many films as heroine initially and in later stage as item dancer. Her sexy appearance in the item song for the film ‘Samudram’ looted many senses. Her portrayal as villain in Telugu film ‘Nijam’ has almost happened at the fag end of her career.

And coming to Namitha she debuted as normal heroine with the film Sontham and Gemini brought her big fame. She attracted Sarath Kumar in down south and got many offers from then in Kollywood. She has put on extra weight for her body from time to time and now being called buxom beauty of South India.

Who’s got big name between these only two buxom beauties of down south? In fact Namitha has got a temple of her own built by her fans. Raasi has got no temple. Namitha has got big fan following on par with Trisha, but Raasi didn’t”.

Well, that’s the essence of discussion. It’s at the discretion of readers to finalize who has big name between the two buxom babes.

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