Namitha makes a comeback!

Namitha is a name no one can forget that easily. The sensual and glamorous actress made quite a name for herself in a few short years by being the ‘sex symbol’ of the south with her sultry looks and willingness not to shy away from doing the really spicy roles.


But she went out of the mainstream movie scene some time back, and rather silently one might add.

Her constant struggle with her weight was rumoured to be one of the main reasons why the actress lost her mojo with the producers.

And in an industry, where stunning divas waiting for a break are a dime a dozen, the actors do really have that superficial bane to carry when it comes to maintaining their physiques and looks.

But Namitha seems unwilling to walk away from her hard earned place with the fans and the beautiful actress has decided to make a comeback and this time in an action role!

When Namitha plays an action role, folks, you can imagine the sheer sizzle that’s going to be mixed in with the kick ass factor and given the rest of the cast in this flick, one can sense the expectation in the fans’ hearts rising everywhere..

And who are the other members of this steamy ensemble – why it’s none other than Kiran Rathod, Meghna Naidu and Keerthi Chawla among others!

Boy oh boy, this one sure feels like a flick that could go one of two ways..

The name of the film, by the way, is Ilamai Oonjal, and guess we’ll have to wait and see how the 32 year old bombshell does this time around.

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