Naku Penta Naku Taka trailer out!

The unique and greatly anticipated movie that is Naku Penta Naku Taka starring Indrajith Sukumaran and Bhama has come out with its official trailer and yes, it is intriguing!

The premise of the movie is set on a betrayal. Indrajith marries Bhama on the idea that he works in the US while he actually works in Africa. After the marriage he flies them out to Africa, apparently telling her the flight is delayed on the way to the States and they have to spent a couple of days in the dark continent. During a sightseeing road trip, he reveals the truth and a fight ensues.


The trailer then moves on to show various colourful African sights with the stereotypical tribal culture, breathtaking beauty of the wide open grassland and of course, the dangerous but captivating wildlife.

Just when you think the movie is going to be a rom com of sorts, the plot takes a turn for the dramatic with an undertone of violence, possible criminal third parties and the couple on the run and stranded amidst unforeseen trouble.

The shots are cinematically colourful and the storyline seems fresh. The movie, directed by Vayalar Madhavan Kutty, is being produced by Gokulam Gopalan and has the tunes composed by the talented Gopi Sunder.

Muraly Gopi, Shankar and others form the rest of the cast. The title of the movie Naku Penta Naku Taka by the way, means I Love You, I Want You.

So, a romance and battle against odds set against the backdrop of nature, danger and exotic criminal variables – sure looks like it’s worth a watch!

Watch the Trailer:

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