Naidu gets his convoy finally

At last the Telugu Desam president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, will get a new fleet of cars, but the stars have played spoilsport. In this inauspicious month of Ashadam, Mr Naidu has been told to postpone riding in the new bullet-proof Safaris provided by the government, sources said.

Mr Naidu, who currently has a rickety fleet of cars, mostly old Ambassadors, has been sanctioned eight Safaris, two bullet-proof and six non-bullet proof. But an astrologer has cautioned him against travelling in bullet-proof cars at present so he will have to wait for the auspicious month of Sravana, which is five days away. One of the Safari’s will be fitted with a jammer.

Meanwhile, the TD president has begun a post mortem of the debacle and has asked all 12 TD leaders for a report explaining the reasons why even the TD party cadre did not cast their vote to support a party nominee especially for the Nizamabad urban seat, where the lowest number of votes were cast.

In the preliminary report, the constituency leaders blamed the mess on the strong Telangana sentiment, but Mr Naidu is not convinced as the voting pattern clearly indicated that own party men and women did not cast their vote for their candidates. “We will get to the bottom of this and find a solution. At present, we are gathering information,’’ said Mr Naidu.

Mr Naidu, on Friday, questioned the Telangana Rashtra Samiti for targeting only the Telugu Desam and ignoring the Congress which alone can solve the Telangana tangle.

“The TRS is trying to distort my statement on North and South Telangana. I had only said that when all Telugu people had given pride of place to Telugu Desam, he cannot choose one region,” Mr Naidu clarified.

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