Nagavalli Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is…

A sequel like any other we see in commercial cinema, doesn’t match up to the predecessor.



Talking about the main outline, this film’s got more coils to unravel than ‘Chandramukhi’. Starts off with a portrait of Chandramukhi flying across town and ending up with an artist. This and that happen and the familiar painting of the dancer in yellow finds its way into a house in Tirupathi. The women of the house (Richa G, Shardha Das and Komaleni Mukherjee) all have their own association with the dancer from the past century and who had the vengeful spirit decided to get into is revealed towards the end (just as in the prequel) after creating the familiar buzz of who it might be. Venkatesh plays the psychiatrist/researcher/hero for this part and his appearance constantly spells out ‘lack of ease’.


What’s good?

The plot is the only thing that makes you bear with this movie of non-actors.

Though the end of the first half might trigger off “Ah, another Magadheera screenplay”, the second half does have its moments and seemed original and engaging.


What’s BAD?

Again, this is one of those films that cares only about its bang scenes and doesn’t give a damn about the rest of the ‘fill up material’ which stretches it up to the traditional 150 minute mark. The atrocity of the song visuals and dire humor are something the audiences don’t deserve to be put through.



Just like on most Telugu cinema review occasions, this segment of the review is an extension to ‘What’s BAD?’

But, this film in particular nags us with the hard reality of the terrible acting capabilities we have come to accept over the years. Anushka and Venkatesh put us through the painful drill of the inner voice saying “We’ll never be as good as our southern neighbors”.

And the only relief in this department was Kamilini Mukherjee with the Bengali moves.



Didn’t bother me to sit through it for once, don’t think you’ll be too.

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