Nagarjuna’s bumper offer to Naga Chaitanya!

King Nagarjuna is known to be the most youthful actor in Tollywood. In fact, his mind set too is equally youthful. Hence, he gave complete freedom to his sons. For Naga Chaitanya, Nagarjuna gave freedom in case of his marriage. It seems that Nagarjuna asked Naga Chaitanya to find a girl himself.

Nag offer to Naga Chaitanya

Even if he has someone at present, Nagarjuna is fine to talk with her parents and take it to the next level. Nagarjuna even stated that he respects other opinions and hence he don’t mind even if Naga Chaitanya marries the girl all by himself without depending on the family members.

It seems that the same rules applies to Akhil. This can be considered as a bumper offer to the star kids. In fact, a person in the shoes of Nagarjuna will surely put conditions on the kids marriages but Nagarjuna thought in a matured way and hence he gave way to his sons’ wish.

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