Nagababu slams comedian Prudhvi

It is known that Mega Brother Naga Babu has been supporting his younger brother Pawan Kalyan’s party Jana Sena indirectly by digging on other parties TDP and YSRCP in his recent interviews. It was also reported earlier that he had donated Rs. 25 lakhs to Jana Sena party fund in order to support his brother’s cause.

Nagababu and Prudhvi
Nagababu and Prudhvi

Meanwhile, noted comedian and recently appointed state secretary of YSRCP, Prudvi Raj made some serious remarks on Jana Sena in a recent press meet. He said that Jana Sena is getting funds from the overseas and neither Naga Babu nor Chiranjeevi supported it in any way.

Responding to this, Naga Babu said that he is yet to watch the interview of Prudvi. He said ” If Prudvi really made those statements, Rey Prudvi! You have my phone number. Call me. I will answer all of your questions. “I don’t have to prove anyone that I have donated money for my brother’s party. Neither it is black money nor I challenge to show my account statement. It is purely a personal issue,” said the actor.

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