Nagababu Responds To Sri Reddy’s Comments on Pawan Kalyan

Since the past few weeks, there is so much happening in the industry. Artists like Sri Reddy have made some sensational comments on media debates and yesterday, she even crossed the limits by abusing Pawan Kalyan and his mother. To put an end to these controversies, actor Nagababu and Srikanth represented the MAA association and spoke about the issues.

Nagababu Pressmeet
Nagababu Pressmeet

1. MAA is no one to decide the roles in TFI

Naga Babu clearly explained that MAA association is only there for the welfare of the actors and not to guarantee roles for the Telugu actors and actresses. They can request the producers, but cannot decide replacing the filmmakers of respective films.

2. An actor can work anywhere in the country

He is also said that it is producers choice to get artists from any other languages and it’s their right to work anywhere they want.

3. Casting Couch is everywhere in the world

Actor Naga Babu made it clear that the casting couch problem is everywhere in the world, and suggested the young girls not to fall in the traps of intermediates.

4. Media should be responsible

Media shouldn’t highlight simple issues or sensitive ones for their TRP’s, says Naga Babu and requested them not to do that.

5. Sri Reddy’s abuse on Pawan Kalyan

Naga Babu reacted in a aggressive manner for abusing his mother and Pawan Kalyan. Pawan just suggested Sri Reddy should report all her problems to the cops and we can’t control all our fans. We even requested our fans not to react and if they do so, what can we do. He also said that Pawan just kept quiet as he has so many important things to discuss and concentrate on the big issue that is there in the open.

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