Nagababu once again responded on RGV and Yandamuri

Mega brother Naga Babu made news at the time of Khaidi No 150 pre-release events by uttering controversial comments on RGV and Yandamuri. He has given an explanation in his recent interviews.

Naga Babu about RGV and Yandamuri
Naga Babu about RGV and Yandamuri

He has given a special interview to a top media channel. During that interview, the interviewer asked him about his comments on RGV and Yandamuri. Naga Babu backed himself and declared that he still stand by his comments. When inquired about the reason for commenting on them, Naga Babu pointed out at them as they are commenting on his brothers continuously and he has responded just once to make them know how hurt they are.

Naga Babu said that he still respects both the people he has commented and praised them as the great technicians in the Industry. He even said that he would meet them and have a good time with them in the future in public events.

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