Why Naga Shaurya misses Kanam pre-release event?

The pre-release event of Kanam starring Sai Pallavi and Naga Shaurya held on Monday in Hyderabad. Naga Shaurya who recently made shocking comments against Sai Pallavi gave a miss to the event. The reasons behind Nga Shaurya’s absence are yet to be known.

Naga Shaurya Missed Kanam Pre Release Event
Naga Shaurya Missed Kanam Pre Release Event

However, Naga Shaurya revealed Sai Pallavi would lose her cool over minor things during the shoot. But, yesterday, Sai Pallavi clarified that she didn’t behave in such manner and said she never would hurt anyone in any way.

Still, Naga Shaurya seems to have a serious issue with her and had avoided the event totally.Even though Shaurya missed the event, Sai Pallavi made the function lively with her presence and cool attitude.

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