Naga Shaurya Demands Rs 4 Crores

Young hero Naga Shaurya is busy shooting for a new film titled Narthanashala now. The actor recently scored a big hit in the form of the film Chalo. Meanwhile, we have come to know that the actor is planning his career neatly. The actor decided to do as many films as possible in the home production for his convenience. With the success of Chalo, a lot of offers are coming in Shaurya’s way but he is very choosy about the films.

Naga Shaurya Remuneration
Naga Shaurya Remuneration

Meanwhile, we have come to know that the actor started demanding high remuneration already. The latest industry reports reveal that he is demanding a remuneration of 4 crores per film. Apparently, he quoted this amount when noted producer Anand Prasad of Bhavya Creations for a new film.

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