Why Naga Chaitanya gets Angry on Akhil!

Akkineni Akhil stated that he made Mr.Cool Naga Chaitanya to turn furious. He mentioned that Naga Chaitanya doesn’t get furious quite often but this upcoming hero reportedly made Naga Chaitanya fire on him on a particular issue.

Naga Chaitanya Angry on Akhil

This is stated to have happened few months back. It seems that Naga Chaitanya has deep love towards vehicles. He loves cars and bikes. As per Akhil’s information, he took away a remodeled car of Naga Chaitanya without his brother’s notice. It seems that Naga Chaitanya went to shooting on that day and hence Akhil felt that Naga Chaitanya won’t be knowing this issue.

Interestingly, Akhil got a call before he parked the vehicle in the parking slot of their house. Naga Chaitanya is stated to have fired on Akhil for taking the car without his permission. It seems that it is the first time for Akhil to see Naga Chaitanya in furious condition. Even now, he feels feared to take Naga Chaitanya’s vehicles!

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