Naga Babu’s Sensational Comments at Notes Ban

At a time when opposition leaders are criticizing the demonetization move of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s govt. Mega brother Naga Babu, who is a Congress party leader, has praised the PM to the core.

Nagababu on Notes Ban
Nagababu on Notes Ban

‘Even after having a full majority, no PM had the courage to take such a courageous move, which would help the nation and its people in long run. I am neither a BJP agent nor a supporter of Modi but one must learn to praise the good deeds done by whoever it is,’ Naga Babu said.

‘Of course, I don’t endorse some of the policies taken by Modi and his govt. but this particular note ban is a commendable job,’ he added.

Interestingly, megastar Chiranjeevi is yet to respond to this note ban whereas Pawan Kalyan had the other day taken to twitter and criticized the govt. for not having insight before implementing the note ban.

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