Naga Babu Fired On Mahesh Kathi

Mega brother Naga Babu has heavily reacted to the comments made by Mahesh Kathi on Lord Sri Rama and the epic Ramayana. Apparently, Naga Babu has sent a video message revealing his opinion on the ongoing controversies surrounding Mahesh Kathi.

Naga Babu and Kathi Mahesh
Naga Babu and Kathi Mahesh

Interestingly Naga Babu did not take the name of Mahesh Kathi but has criticised the person who has spoken ill about Ramayana and Seetha Devi. He has requested that the chief ministers of both the Telugu states should consider this as a serious issue and take some legal action on the person who has made these comments.

On the other side, Mahesh Kathi also reacted to this and he directly made counter statements against Naga Babu on his Facebook profile.

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