Naga Babu Breaks Silence On Balakrishna

Naga Babu, the Mega brother has been making controversial comments on Balakrishna Nandamuri for quite some time now. Everyone felt that he is taking the revenge against Balakrishna when Balayya told the media that he does not know who Pawan Kalyan is.

Nagababu and NBK
Nagababu and NBK

But, Naga Babu has finally opened up about this and broke his silence. All these days, he has made indirect comments but he has finally come up with a clear stand on the same by making a clarification directly.

“I know you people are thinking that I am taking revenge against him for his first comment which is not true. I am okay if someone does not know who Pawan is or who Chiranjeevi is. But, the person in the discussion has been making repeated comments on our family from the past four to five years. It happened more than four to five times. It is okay if he does not know my brother but how can he say that when my brother restricted himself from contesting in the election and helped his Bava win the previous election in AP. My brother helped their party so much and if he says that he does not know my brother, how is it fair? Is it okay if he can comment? But, it is not okay on my side to comment?” said Naga Babu in a video he released.

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