Nag’s love for women

Actor Akkineni Nagarjuna, the ‘Greeku Veerudu’ is also known for his many lovers, apart from his other talents. The man simply is irresistible for many women to let go off. He is easily one of the highly desired man in Tollywood. Off late, Nag has been also showcasing his admiration and more for women folk. The actor was travelling in one of the domestic airlineers, stopping the traffic and getting all the ‘aah’ s and ‘ooh’s from air hostesses. He also was very friendly with the pretty ladies serving the passengers and clicked pictures with them. An entrepreneur who was travelling in the same flight, walked up o Nag to click a pic, stating that his son was a huge fan of his. The star, surprisingly denied a picture and walked away, leaving the passenger super dejected. Now, what did they say about men and manners?

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