Naayak Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)


V.V.Vinayak has always been the go to template (zero original content) director. One should really know what to expect based on the reputation. Doesn’t mean the lowered expectations will make it any better, but, will at least save you from the frustration of watching old ideas executed again in poor taste.


Being the most ordinary even amongst templates, one can easily guess the scene order of the film. Cherry (Ram Charan, ah! it’s just like living with them) is a software engineer in Hyderabad. But, there is a Nayak in Calcutta who is killing people as per the template. Kill people to save people, of late our guys are killing more people than the extras they could gather to play ‘the protected’.

Promised myself not to delve into smaller stupidities, the larger one is how Nayak and Cherry are two similar looking people. Cherry’s first double action film, that’s something huh, what do you think?

Nayak fills in for the powerful flashback; Cherry takes care of the light hearted first half with the moves and punch dialouges. And then there’s a song with two Charans and both the girls towards the end (go template!).


Had to happen at some point, Ram Charan is turning a little eye friendly and maybe I am hallucinating, but, he seemed a little at ease with the one they put off until they can learn to dance and build a body, acting.


How many of you really need me to tell you what the film is about or what it’s like? It’s just like you remember it, there’s enough insistent humor for those who don’t mind.

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