Naa Style Veru

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What’s it about!

Sivaram (Rajashekar) is drunkard lawyer and he hates his family for forcing his former lover to commit suicide. While he is reveling in a bar, he gets a call from a stranger Parvathi (Bhumika) asking him to rescue her from her kidnappers. He saves and brings her home.  Parvathi is in danger from her own family members who are trying to kill her for her wealth. Her father who went to USA for surgery comes back to India and Sivaram enters into their house along with Parvathi. Sivaram pretends that he is Parvathi’s hubby. Sivaram decides to unravel the mystery behind her kidnapping and also two murders. And finally he gets Parvathi for himself.


Naa Stylee Veru is remake of Mohan Lal starrer Malayalam movie, Hallo which itself was a kichdi of many movies like Cellular (Hollywood) and Hanuman Junction, etc. We don’t delve into the original movie’s credential but this Telugu version tests the audience’s patience. A very boring movie. One of the badly made movies in the recent past in Tollywood. Not a single scene or aspect of the movie is worth praising. Writing, direction, technical departments, performances and what not, everything is so insipid.


Rajashekar ’s performance looks so dazed. He is drunkard in the film but he actually appears with neat makeup, cool dresses and never loses his stiff gait. What a bad performance. Bhumika perhaps is the only saving grace. There are lots of actors in the film but none are worth mentioning. Brahmanandam and Ramya’s bhoot episode has evoked some laughter. Anup Ruebens as usual has given dull music. Cinematography is almost like a learner’s job. Kona Venkat’s dialogues are so amateurish. One wonders what director Ram Prasad was actually doing.

Naa Stylee Veru is one of the badly made movies in the recent past.


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