My Name is..delayed due to Athidhi?

Once the protégé of Ram Gopal Varma, E Niwas has started his directorial venture titled, My Name is Anthony Gonzalwez, with much hype and hoopla! It is known from the sources that, shooting of the major part of the movie is over now and as per the schedule; it has to be released to the theatres by the end of this month. The recent news is that the release date of the movie has been postponed indefinitely for the present and it is expected that it may hit the screens in next year. The reason behind the delay and postponement of the movie, it is rumoured that the non-cooperation of its leading lady, Amrita Rao! The dates meant for the shooting of the last song on the tender beauty Amrita and dubbing work of her role, have been catapulted by the Telugu movie Athidhi as she has attended the Mahesh starrer, leaving her pre-commitment in My Name is… behind! 

E.Niwas has proved his mettle as a director with his debut movie, school  which starred Manoj Bajpai, Shilpa shetty in the lead roles. Incidentally, the title of the movie has been taken from the hit song from Amar Akbar Anthony

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