Mutual bond between Nandamuri and Akkineni Family

Akkineni And Nandamuri Heroes

Nandamuri Family and Akkienni Family are now aiming for mutual bond in Tollywood. Akkineni Nagarjuna interviewed Kalyan Ram during the show of “MEK” and few interesting topics came out to the media.

Speaking about the family venture of Nandamuri Family, Nagarjuna mentioned that he will produce that flick if Kalyan Ram doesn’t produce it on NTR banner. This forms a mutual emotional bond between the two families. Speaking about his relation with Hari Krishna, Nagarjuna mentioned that Hari Krishna is like his brother and he is one of the person whom he calls as ‘Anayya’.

On the occasion of Pongal, Tollywood viewers came to know the inside bonding of Akkineni and Nandamuri Families. Jr.NTR called Nagarjuna as Babai and even Kalyan Ram quoted Nagarjuna as Babai. It was a good bonding between the two families.

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