Music Director Chakri’s Family Dharna in Somajiguda

It is more than a year since music director Chakri had died but the people are still fighting over his fortune.

Chakri Family Dharna
Chakri Family Dharna

Chakri’s mother Vidyavathi and wife Sravani have lodged complaints against each other in Jubilee Hills police station alleging that his assets belong to them only. As no one is ready to share or part away with the assets, the case is still pending.

The other day, Charki’s mother and brother Sahith resorted to a protest in Somajiguda alleging a woman named Madhavi is residing at one of the villas of Chakri but not paying the rent for the last eight months. Sahith alleged that they are paying the dues and bills of that villa but the lady is neither paying rent nor vacating the villa.

It seems that no one is letting Chakri rest in peace.

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