Music director Anil Reddy was murdered?

Anil Reddy Thumma, the music director of ‘Gamyam’ movie was found dead at his fiancée’s house in the last week of April this year. It was reported at that time he died of heart attack after having dinner with his fiancée.

Heartbroken parents of Anil upon his death don’t agree that their son died of attack and they were doubtful upon the incident. They approached police recently and expressed their strong feelings that their son was murdered. The police analyzed the case and took out the buried body of Anil for post mortem. To everybody’s surprise, their parents doubt was true. Anil did not die of heart attack; he was stabbed hardly on his head to death. It was also proved that he was empty stomach before he died which was claimed earlier that he died after having dinner. This shows no sign of food intake and heart attack.

Cybarabad police have registered the case and is investigating the case.

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