Murder case on Meera Chopra

An FIR was filed against actress Meera Chopra under Section 120B for Delhi based housewife’s death.

Meera Chopra is known for acting in couple of Telugu films like Bangaram, Vaana and Maaro. The actress is suspected to be in connection with the death of 28 year old Ruchi Bhuttan in Delhi. Ruchi was found dead at her residence in mysterious condition and the reason behind the death is yet to be identified. Ruchi’s in-laws claim it a suicide whereas her relatives claim it a foul play by her husband Sumit Bhuttan and actress Meera chopra. They claim that Meera Chopra and Sumit Bhuttan had an illegal relationship and the same has irked Ruchi. Ruchi’s diary shows that Sumit used to humiliate her for her looks and compare her with Meera Chopra who is very beautiful.

Ruchi’s sister Shefali alleged: "Sumit first killed and then hanged her. He has an affair with actress Meera Chopra, cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra."

"Ruchi had got married to Sumit six years ago. Sumit and his family used to torture her even for the smallest of things. They also demanded dowry from us. Their main objective was to abuse her so much that she got frustrated and in turn agreed to divorce Sumit. Ruchi had talked to our mother on phone, hours before she was found dead. She had pleaded her to bring her back from Gurgaon," said Shefali.

However, police is yet to establish a strong reason to suspect Meera Chopra behind Ruchi’s death. They only have Ruchi’s diary with them which is not enough to move forward in the case. They will investigate Meera Chopra to inquire and ascertain her role in Ruchi’s death case to know if it’s a murder or suicide.

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